St. Lawrence University

North Country Prenatal/Perinatal Council

The North Country Prenatal/Perinatal Council is based in Watertown, New York and provides services and programming in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence Counties. We are dedicated to strengthening maternal and family health by identifying service needs and improving access to care through community collaboration, education, and referral for the well-being of every woman, every child, every family.

North Country Parent Assistance Center

The North Country Parent Assistance Center (NCPAC) is designed to provide parents with the resources, trainings, and strategies needed to enhance their skills and increase their level of confidence to communicate more effectively and work collaboratively with schools and other stakeholders.

North Country Housing Council

The North Country Housing Council is a non-profit organization that exists for the sole purpose of assisting St. Lawrence County residents in a variety of ways. The website is here to assist, educate and provide you with useful information, and assist communities and first time home buyers in a variety of ways.

Local Living Venture

Local Living Venture aims to share rural living skills through workshops and community events. The workshops are based on a neighbor to neighbor model, so many skills exist locally that others are interested in learning.

Little River Community School

The Little River Community School ia an alternative school focusing on community involvement for children K-12.

Literacy Is For Everyone (LIFE)

LIFE trains volunteers to provide one-to-one tutoring to adults who need help with reading, writing, math or English as a New Language. LIFE provides the books and materials used for tutoring. Volunteers and students meet in public places such as libraries.

Hepburn Library of Norfolk

The Hepburn Library of Norfolk hosts community events, reading, home delivery, elementary and preschool reading programs, as well as computer classes.

St. Lawrence Child Care Council

The St. Lawrence Child Care Council is a resource and referral agency that provides information, education, and resources to families and community members to meet the early care and learning needs in our community.

Seaway Valley Prevention Council

The Seaway Valley Prevention Council provides information and education programs regarding substance abuse awareness and prevention.

Ogdensburg Public Library

The Ogdensburg Public Library provides books, computers and other resources to residents of the Ogdensburg area.