St. Lawrence University

North Country Housing Council

The North Country Housing Council is a non-profit organization that exists for the sole purpose of assisting St. Lawrence County residents in a variety of ways. The website is here to assist, educate and provide you with useful information, and assist communities and first time home buyers in a variety of ways.

Grace House - New Hope Transformation House Ministries

Grace House is a transitional, supportive living environment for six women in early recovery from addictive disorders. The women live together in a family-like setting with the support of a ìhouse motherî who mentors and guides them toward the final steps of reintegration into full community life. Residents are expected to have recently completed inpatient rehabilitation and, if having been discharged, engaged in outpatient services. They must be committed to abstinence, including abstinence from nicotine, and to following the program of the house which involves faith-based services.

St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center

The St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center offers a variety of resources including individual and group counseling, diagnostic evaluation, psychological testing, crisis intervention, psychopharmacology, medical evaluation, vocational assessment, education, socialization, task and skill training, physical therapy, structured learning therapy, occupational therapy, and recreational therapy. In addition, weight rooms, a recipient resource center, a snack bar, and community programs are available.

St. Josephís Addiction Treatment Center

St. Joseph's Addiction Treatment Center provides access to a rehabilitation program, that aims to attaining and maintaining sobriety.

Seaway Valley Prevention Council

The Seaway Valley Prevention Council provides information and education programs regarding substance abuse awareness and prevention.

Ogdensburg Housing Center

The housing authority manages 39 active housing choice vouchers and manages 3 public housing units.

Massena Salvation Army

The Massena Salvation Army provides access to a food pantry, bread room, rent assistance, utility assistance and job training.

Massena Independent Living Center (Maximizing Independent Living Choices)

The Massena Independant Living Center aims to end that discrimination and exclusion, and ensure that people with disabilities have the opportunity to prove ourselves equal

Helping Hands

Helping Hands offer emergency help with food, heat, housewares, furniture, and fresh produce in season

Catholic Charities St. Lawrence County

Catholic Charities supports families, aging adults and adults with disabilities, and youth through social services and opportunities for healthy growth and development